NIAS Announced As Host of The Next Your Local Club Academy Games in Tamworth!

The Your Local Club Academy Games are set to invigorate Tamworth’s sporting landscape for the next three years under its new tenure of the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS). This premier event, renowned for showcasing emerging athletic talent from across New South Wales, will transform Tamworth into a hub of athletic excellence and community engagement.

With world-class facilities and a vibrant community spirit, Tamworth is poised to host eleven regional academies competing in seven key sports, promising economic and social benefits for the region. Anticipated to attract 1300 to 1500 athletes per event, with the potential to reach 2000, these Games will undoubtedly bolster Tamworth’s economy and reinforce its status as a sporting powerhouse.

The dates for the Academy Games in Tamworth are as follows:
2025: April 11 – 13
2026: April 17 – 19
2027: April 9 – 11

Shona Eichorn, CEO of NIAS, expressed her enthusiasm for the Games, stating, “Hosting the Your Local Club Academy Games for the next three years is a tremendous honour for NIAS. These games not only provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their talent but also unite the community in celebration of sportsmanship and dedication. By bringing such a prestigious event to Tamworth, we aim to elevate the city’s profile and propel it to the forefront of sporting excellence.”

She continued, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our NIAS partners and the sports community for their unwavering support in making this possible. With Tamworth’s exceptional facilities and vibrant community, we are confident that hosting these games will not only boost our local economy but also take Tamworth to the next level in terms of sporting prominence and community engagement.”

The economic benefits of hosting such a prestigious event are exemplified by the 2023 Academy Games, where the host region of Wagga Wagga derived an impressive $2,038,164 of economic benefit. With Tamworth poised to take the helm as the host city, similar economic gains are anticipated, further solidifying the region’s stature as a sporting destination.

As the curtain falls on the Southern Sports Academy’s hosting tenure, the recent Academy Games in Wagga Wagga served as a testament to the dedication and talent of emerging athletes, with NIAS athletes leaving an indelible mark on the competition.