National primary games – 2023 update

In 2015, NIAS initiated the mass community participation event, the National Primary Games (NPG) in Tamworth. Withstanding COVID, the event has proudly provided the opportunity for junior sports enthusiasts from across the state and country to participate in a variety of sports, in a fun weekend in Tamworth.

This is something we are very proud of.

The NPG was supported by the Tamworth Regional Council since inception and the Regional Australia Bank in 2022. It generated huge economic and social benefits to the region’s various businesses, while being organised by generous volunteers coordinated by the small NIAS team.

Following the 2022 NPG, the NIAS Board voted to rest the event in 2023 in order to undertake a comprehensive operational review.

When this decision was made, NIAS sent a Letter of Explanation direct to all stakeholders. This included schools, sponsors, supporters, council members, MP’s, sports convenors, team managers and coaches who were asked to share this information with their respective teams. We also shared this news across our website, during NIAS events and in our newsletter.

We understand that it must be very disappointing for any NIAS parent whose children loves the Games as much as we do, to hear that their child cannot participate in 2023.

The National Primary Games is a standalone event and not a part of NIAS core business as an athletic accelerator organisation. The NPG, a mass community participation event which sits outside our core business, has relied heavily on our generous supporters, sponsors and volunteers to make each year a success. There has been a huge amount of volunteer effort and financial support invested. The NIAS Board voted to rest the event in 2023 in order to undertake a comprehensive operational review, with the hopes of re-introducing a bigger and better NPG in July 2024.

The outcomes of this review will be made public in the coming months, and we will be sure to share these via all our NIAS channels to our valued community.

A member of the Australian Olympic Committee, when contacted about our decision in 2022 said, “Taking a moment to review and renew can make all the difference”. NIAS is committed to making a difference and we are excited to conduct this review to continue providing our talented regional athletes and coaches with performance pathways, opportunities and a stairway to success, along with other sporting initiatives as appropriate.