Partner profile Tamworth regional council

Tamworth Regional Council has an impressive (25-year!!!) history with the Northern Inland Academy of Sport and has provided us exceptional support along with world-class sporting facilities!

How long has your organisation supported NIAS?



Tamworth Regional Council has been a major Partner with the NIAS for some 25 years.



What inspired you to become a NIAS Partner?



Tamworth and the Northern Inland region has a long and proud sporting history. In fostering this, Tamworth Regional Council has committed to providing sporting facilities that enables the region’s best athletes to experience high quality facilities without the unnecessary travel to a metropolitan area.



It makes perfect sense then, if you are going to provide the facilities, then you should concurrently support the organisation that assists the emerging and talented athletes of our region.


Why is supporting regional communities and rural athletes important to you?

Children and young people in regional areas should not be disadvantaged when it comes to elite sport pathways. Tamworth Regional Council knows that it can play a role in assisting its regional athletes with this through the support of the NIAS and the provision of quality facilities for training and competition.

What are your partnership hopes / goals moving forward?

To continue to support the NIAS in its charter to provide opportunities for regional athletes to maximise their potential through having access to quality facilities that support talented athlete development within the region. TRC hope that this will only grow into the future and that exciting opportunities are ahead to showcase the region and our great facilities.