Northern Inland Academy of Sport Welcomes
Nicole Wong as New Sports Programs Manager

March 12, 2024

The Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS) is delighted to announce the appointment of Nicole Wong as its new Sports Programs Manager. In this pivotal role, Nicole will play a crucial part in driving the organisation’s mission to foster excellence and growth in talented athletes and coaches across the region.


NIAS, established in 1992, is a dynamic, not-for-profit, community-based organisation serving as a beacon of opportunity and pathways for aspiring athletes and coaches. Stretching across 12 Local Government Areas, NIAS covers a vast geographic area from Tenterfield to Moree and Narrabri, emphasising its commitment to regional sports development.


The Sports Programs Manager position is integral to NIAS’s operations, acting as a linchpin for all stakeholders and essential for the organisation’s strategic objectives. Nicole Wong steps into this role with a wealth of experience and a fervent dedication to sports management.


Nicole’s journey in sports administration began in the vibrant landscapes of Southland and Taranaki in New Zealand, where she cultivated a culture of excellence and growth within the sporting community. Her extensive background working with schools, clubs, athletes, and coaches laid the foundation for her passion for sports development.


With a keen eye for talent and a commitment to holistic athlete development, Nicole’s vision aligns perfectly with NIAS’s mission. Her experiences studying and competing in the United States and England have equipped her with invaluable insights into athlete pathways and program development.


Beyond her professional achievements, Nicole’s adventurous spirit and zest for sport shine through in all aspects of her life. Whether she’s exploring new culinary creations, traversing the globe, or sharing her passion for hockey through playing and coaching, Nicole’s enthusiasm is infectious.


“We are thrilled to welcome Nicole Wong to the NIAS team as our new Sports Programs Manager,” said Shona Eichorn, CEO of NIAS. “Her diverse experiences, unwavering dedication, and passion for sports development make her the ideal candidate to lead our programs into a new era of growth and achievement.”


Nicole Wong’s appointment marks an exciting chapter for the Northern Inland Academy of Sport. With her experience, NIAS is poised to continue and strengthen its legacy of excellence, empowering generations of athletes and coaches to reach their full potential – on and off the field.